Counselling and Psychotherapy for Health and Wellbeing

Counselling and Psychotherapy are the terms given  for talking therapies and are very beneficial for the mind and the body when experiencing difficulties within your life.   The wellbeing of the mind is closely connected to the wellbeing of the body. What we think and feel impacts on how we physically feel.  Therapy can be short or long term depending on the individual.  The aim is to bring about effective changes or enhance a persons wellbeing.

People seek therapy because they are experiencing difficulties and distress in their lives that they are wanting to be freed from.  Clients are sometimes isolated or can have the most supportive family around them.  We are all unique so we all have issues that are unique to us.    Other people will seek therapy for feeling  dissatisfied in general with their lives and want to improve this or may be want to find a balance, they are looking to enhance their lives and make it better.

When preparing treatment plans for my clients I use an Integrative approach using tools and techniques from  Person Centred Therapy, Cognitive Beahavioural Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic Therapy.  Each client receives a tailor made treatment plan best suited to them and their difficulties they are experiencing.


What happens:

We talk about the difficulties you are experiencing in your present.  It may be a specific thing or a combination of things.  We may look at life events, feelings, emotions, relationships, ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour.
We look at the issues and identify the right course of action for you, either by  helping  you resolve the issues of finding  a way of coping with them.

Duration is usually short term and  lasts approximately 6- 12 weeks with one session a week..

A session is 50-60 minutes long,

Example :of issues it helps with:
Anger, relationship issues, bereavement, redundancy, infertility, anxiety, mild depression, panic attack, phobias, OCD, sadness, or the onset of a serious illness, end of life, low confidence, low self esteem, weight issues, bullying, divorce, family issues, sexual issues, relationship breakup, addictions, stress

If you do not see the issue you are experiencing above please still make contact as counselling helps with many issues and above is just a small example.

Free your mind from the things that are holding you back.


What happens:

We talk about difficulties that are being experienced in the present.  In addressing these difficulties more emphasis is put into talking about your past events, experiences and feelings and behaviours around them.

The aim is in identifying and addressing these past events, feelings and thoughts.  It  will help you  to come to terms with what has happened and overcome your difficulties you are experiencing in the present.   

It is useful for people with long term problems, past traumas reoccurring problems or people who have experienced lots of traumas or negative experiences through their past.

Duration is usually long termed and therapy can last over a year for some people.

A session is 50-60 minutes long.

Examples of issues it helps with:
Deep rooted depression/suicidal thoughts
Loss of identity
Sexual, emotional abuse
Domestic Violence
Difficult childhoods
Attachment issues
Difficulties forming relationships
Past traumas
Easting disorders
Self Harming
Unresolved Grief and Loss

      Make your dream a reality!  

Counselling helps us grow as individuals, we improve our lives. It helps  you to understand your goals, decide whether they are realistic, develops your motivation to succeed.  It identifies your thoughts, fears and weaknesses that are holding you back and prevent you from getting what you want and achieving your goals.  We can change these thought processes and disable the barriers that are in between you and your goals.

Stop wondering what if and stop defeating yourself!

A little thought! imagine your at the end of life looking back at the younger you.  What do you see and feel? contented with a life full of achievements of things you wanted to do and successful moments or a life full of regret of things you didn't do and if only's.

If your not happy with what you imagine, then maybe you will benefit from counselling!

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