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2017 Has arrived - Happy New Year
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2017 Has arrived - Happy New Year

2017 - Welcome to the first ever Minds at Peace Therapy blog! 

               A New Year.. is time to learn Something New... for me its  TECHNOLOGY! 

I am introducing a blog to my website for 2017. It will share information from a therapy perspective, give tips on common life issues that I have helped many clients with.  The purpose of this is for my readers to receive free tips and information that can help them if they are experiencing similar situations. However it is not intended  to replace seeking medical attention if you require it. I do highly recommend that if you feel you are struggling to deal with certain things in your life to see your GP or a local therapist to where you live.

NOW...A little bit about me and what I do here...
2017 has already arrived! Happy New Year to You all, may this year be filled with many learning curves, growth and development, positive changes and happy moments for all.
I am very excited to be back to work helping people to understand issues that they are struggling with and that are making them unhappy in some way.  We work through the problems step by step which leads people onto a more positive way of thinking and feeling about themselves.

The therapy room is welcoming, spacious and calming. I am a very relaxed and a non judgemental therapist and I welcome any enquiry into my services.   I provide a space for you to feel safe, relaxed, supported and listened to with total respect and importantly dedicated time.   I strive to understand your situation as I am very passionate about what I do and providing the best course of therapy that will help you deal with your situation and make changes for the better. If I am unable to help you on enquiry,  I will suggest a recommendation of where you can look for the help I feel may help you better. So your first call or message will always have a purpose.

My work isn't just about seeing clients, I also do work behind the scenes for you to make sure you are receiving up to date knowledge, and the best approaches to dealing with your issues you come to me for, for help. In form of participating in professional courses and secondary research.  I also seek knowledge and am supported by a supervisor which is a requirement of a qualified, accredited therapist and the saying is, 'two heads are better than one!'
So, all my clients can be assured they are receiving the best service possible.
                                           My services:
Counselling refers to a process where a counsellor helps gently guide a client with intention of them opening their minds and finding solutions to their problems that they are facing in day to day life.  short term therapy, usually up to 12 weeks.
Hypnotherapy aids changes in our belief systems under Hypnosis. Our core beliefs, patterns of behaviours and all our feelings, past thoughts, coping strategies, morals and experiences are stored within our sub conscious minds.  Basically everything we have learnt and experienced from birth to today, all the positive and negative influences that have made us into who we are today. Therapy lasts usually 4-6 weeks, weight loss hypnotherapy can be up to 12 weeks.
Psychotherapy is a healing process where the therapist and client engage in therapy in an effort to find solutions to chronic or deep rooted, long term emotional problems. Long term therapy and can go on for 2 years.

Not all types of therapy suit everyone.  So I make an individual tailor made plan with my clients to suit their needs best.  Sometimes I use a combination of therapies for my clients so they receive the best therapeutic experience possible based on psychology proven practices.

There we are first blog over! Future blogs will be based on more in depth knowledge of the therapies I offer and problems it can help with.

Best wishes to all,
Nicola xx

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